Monday, 7 November 2011

Project By The Pool

Time to try out the new tripod by the pool... The most glorious weather for days coincided with Hari Raya Haji holiday (the official date was yesterday) so perfect lighting but unfortunately perfect swimming weather for everyone else living at the Watermark , so space and time was at a premium.  Fortunately this isn't the UK, so we had just a few curious glances at the huge apparatus, and not the protectionist paternal glare I'm used to when taking photos where children like to play.

We decided given the contraints to use the session as a dry run.  But I quite liked this result:
Moyu mid air
It's not perfect, to shoot this fast to capture the water 'balls' we had to up the ISO and open the aperture.  Hence a lack of sharpness (notice the focus on the ledge where she's jumped from where I'd manually focussed.. )  A few points for next time - use the bigger new prime, try to find some better light, lose the ISO to keep it clean, and experiment with flash against continuous bursts...  Here's waiting for the next sunny morning....

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