Saturday, 5 November 2011


Halloween in Singapore gave the locals a chance to dress up and loiter around Clarke Quay.  For us it was a day of shopping desperately trying to find a suitable stick / cane to complete the look of Alex from Clockwork Orange.  Apparently bowler hats now only come for women, and the late addition of the boots helped the look.  Yes that's my cricket jock strap, but I chickened out from wearing the box... The red braces aren't authentic but a good chance to wear an old gift from my brother Jonathan, and match Erik's face quite well!

Mr Black & Mr White

The staff and resident band Deja Vu at  Highlander got into the mood, all dressed as pirates.

Razlyna & Iskandar of Deja Vu - familiar tunes, unfamiliar look
Clearly my look was lost on the majority of the crowd, however Erik walked away with Third place and s$100 of vouchers, so we're sure to be back again.

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