Saturday, 12 November 2011

Beach Road Street Food

Street eating on Beach Road
Headed down to Beach Road for some street food on Wednesday after a third failed attempt to buy Puyo Puyo for the Wii, and a partial success in returning one of the two massively overpriced Hoya Filters I'd bought the weekend before - to be fair this was an honest mistake from an otherwise excellent camera shop. 20 bucks for all you can eat (and cook) BBQ and hot pot,  and (relatively) cheap beer.  I think the best thing about living in Asia is the propensity people have to eat out.  It's much less of a pavala and far cheaper than in Europe.  Singaporeans say 'Have you eaten already?' more or less as a greeting.  This does have the downside of making the whole thing far more functional, but ironically I look forward to eating a good meal had home with a bottle of wine as an event!

s$20 but you have to cook it yourself
I'm quite used to cooking for myself in various Asian eateries over the years, but I found the buffet layout of mixed raw & cooked meats, fish and vegetables a bit daunting at first.  The guide signs 'BBQ only' on various pots of meat were all I had to go on.  It was important to remember to 'sterilise' the chopsticks in the soup when switching from cooking to eating; however I noticed a lot of locals weren't doing that - tough stomachs!

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